Members of the Air Cargo Community are coordinating handling processes at FRA in line with demand

Higher than expected import volumes were again processed last weekend. The handling companies are actively managing which charter handling requests can be accepted so as not to jeopardize warehouse performance. This leads to a more balanced utilization including freight handlers in the "second row" i.e those without direct airside access.

As a result, there was a temporarily high backlog on the apron and through the neutral cargo transfer point "Speed Gate", particularly on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to the immediate and open communication between the freight handlers and Fraport, and increased manpower on both sides, the backlog was largely processed by Tuesday. All companies involved are in close contact to further improve this process.

CargoCity South’s warehouses are still very busy. Waiting times on the landside have already been reduced thanks to the good cooperation, but further options are bing discussed as a priority by the representatives of the Air Cargo Community.

The coordination of the waiting drivers is further intensified at FCS. Despite floor markings, the minimum distance was unfortunately not being adhered to by the waiting drivers throughout; FCS supervisors and security personnel continue to pay attention to this and appeal to the personal responsibility of those waiting. On Tuesday, the signage at FCS was expanded to ensure clearer separation (see photo). In addition, the programming of an SMS-based notification tool has been commissioned, with the aim of further minimizing the waiting times. An introduction is planned for May or early June.

A suitable weather protection is being tested. A tent solution is not an option with strong winds as were experienced last Monday.

In order to accelerate truck loading and unloading and for reasons of infection protection, the handling companies recommend the delivery of pre-assembled units for export, or alternatively palletised shipments. Furthermore, forwarding agents are asked to discuss similar options at departure stations and, if possible, minimize the loading of loose freight. Due to lack of space, the handling companies cannot consistently ensure that loose freight is built on one-way pallets.

The higher than normal volumes occasionally lead to cargo storage issues requiring additional stock checks and potential delays in delivery. Countermeasures are being taken accordingly.

The representatives of the community remain in close contact in order to maintain the flow of cargo at CargoCity South. Frankfurt is able to handle the current freight volume, However, the companies continue to face unusual freight structures and very high numbers of packages.

In addition, many new cargo partners continue to be involved in the handling of the goods. The fluctuations in the collection of the import freight continue. We therefore appeal to everyone involved - especially with regard to the upcoming long holiday weekends - to make the best possible contribution to document quality and to a continuous flow of freight and therefore avoiding unnecessary waiting times.