Frankfurt Airport

With 2.2 million tons of air cargo in 2016, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the leading freight hub in Europe and among the top 10 worldwide.

FRA's leading competitive position is based on optimal market conditions. The airport stands out not only through its central geographical location, the optimal connection to road and rail, but also thanks to its outstanding service quality. All the top players in the airfreight industry are represented here and provide a wide range of services for freight of all kind.

Europe's #1

Strong Economic Region

The Rhine-Main metropolitan region, with its population of 5.6 million, has one of the highest gross domestic products in Germany. With a diverse mix of industries and a high density of companies, Frankfurt is one of the leading industrial locations in Europe. In addition, the world’s largest internet exchange point is based here.

Outstanding Location and Intermodal Links

Frankfurt Airport is located at the heart of Europe and is the most intermodal port in the world. The airport has direct access to the “Frankfurter Kreuz”, the busiest motorway intersection in Europe, and we also have our own freight railway station.

Largest Network in Europe

As an international hub, FRA offers not only freighter, but also belly-hold capacity to destinations all over the world. In 2016, 174 airlines served 412 destinations in 121 countries.

All the Top Players in the Market are located at FRA

All the top logistics companies and the majority of the big cargo airlines are represented here. A total of around 250 airlines, forwarders, cargo handlers and other logistics companies are resident at FRA.

Outstanding Service and Quality

Features such as speed, safety and reliability contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction. In recent years, on several occasions, FRA has been awarded prizes, such as the “International Cargo Airport of the Year” or the “Air Cargo Excellence Award”.

Infrastructure for all kinds of Products

FRA offers adequate and reliable facilities for all types of special goods. This includes, among others, Europe's largest Perishables Center, the world's most modern animal station, dangerous goods and valuable goods storage facilities. In addition, all relevant authorities are represented at FRA.

Ample Space for Expansion

Presently, the south of the airport is being extended by 27 hectares. Also surrounding the airport, large business parks are being developed, like for example the Mönchhof site and Gateway Gardens. This will allow a further attraction of airfreight companies and will contribute to the sustainable strengthening of FRA.

Active Community

With the creation of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt the cooperation of all partners at our location has been institutionalized.

Infrastructure at FRA

We provide the full range of services. Frankfurt Airport has facilities for goods of all kinds. For most products, customers have a choice between several providers. All companies operate on the basis of highest quality standards and strictly comply with the legal regulations. Highly-qualified employees ensure the fast and reliable clearance of goods.

  • Perishables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animals
  • Airmail
  • Valuable Goods
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Express
  • Heavy Goods/Special Sizes

Facts & Figures

Frankfurt Airport is the largest freight airport in Europe and is also among the top 10 worldwide.

Rank 1 in Europe

Almost 50 percent of the total air freight volume to and from Germany is handled via FRA.

Figures 2015

2.03 million tons

of airfreight and 83,700 tons of airmail were handled in total

184 airlines

flew to 399 destinations in 112 countries

62 percent

of the airfreight was carried by cargo aircraft, 38 percent on passenger aircrafts

43 percent

of the goods were carried to or from the Far East. As a result, this is the largest market followed by North America (20%), Middle East (14%), Europe (13%), Latin America (6%) and Africa (4%)

CargoCity Frankfurt

  • 149 hectares (another 27 hectares are available for further development)
  • More than 250 freight forwarders, cargo airlines, handlers and other service companies
  • Customs and further relevant authorities
  • 14,000 employees