Pharma via air freight – Hype or valuable business?

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting worldwide lockdowns have shown the fragility of global supply chains in an alarming way. Even with the drastic cut in cargo capacity on passenger aircrafts the air cargo industry proved its vital role in society by providing crucial personal protection equipment (PPE) to affected countries. Via Frankfurt Airport alone, 3.5 billion protective masks were imported in 22,000 shipments without a glitch. Pharmaceutical exports nearly doubled due to the disruption of sea freight. This was made possible by the agile and trusting cooperation in the Air Cargo Community.

The next challenge lies ahead with the expected supply of treatments and vaccination fighting the pandemic. Frankfurt is ready for it. As Europe’s leading pharma hub Frankfurt is provides unrivalled capacity in exclusive, temperature controlled pharma handling space and long-standing expertise in all matters of temperature controlled transport. Since the introduction of the EU GDP regulation in 2013 the Community has consistently enhanced the common pharma product. Since then, numbers increased by 20 %. Hence Frankfurt is the airport probably best prepared to supply Europe and the world with Covid19 related pharmaceutical shipments.

On the occasion of the Air Cargo Conference, the community published a white paper on pharmaceutical transportation in air freight. The authors, who have described the way that the pharmaceutical hub of Europe has described in order to secure market leadership from the loss of rights, but also from competitive pressure from newcomers and established pharmaceutical hubs.

The framework was formed by the  IATA Time and Temperature Working Group worlwide standards, which are also basis in the IATA CEIV Pharma certification. As the first location in the world, Frankfurt was certified for temperature-controlled apron transports that have been offered since 1996.

The entire whitepaper is available for download here.

The presentation of Jörg Bodenröder (Leader Handling Specials by Lufthansa Cargo AG) at the Air Cargo Conference 2020 find you here.