FRA Cargo Climate Index Week 24


Week 24 (June 08th to Juni 14th 2020)                  

(Compared to previous week: →)

Actual Traffic Figures

week 23

week 24 Δ % y-t-y
Cargo (Freight & Mail in t) 34.616 34.043 () - 12,3%
Passengers 111.823 109.376 () - 92,8%
Aircraft Movements 1.926 2.043 (↗) - 81,0%

Compared to the previous week, cargo volume has fallen by approx. 1.7% (). The level of cargo tonnage has remained stable in recent weeks at around 9% below the highest week (week 20) since the corona crisis (). However, the decline in cargo volume in the last two weeks has been much more pronounced in import than in export, so that the current ratio of approx. 52% import () to approx. 48% export () is approaching pre-corona level. In comparison to week 20 belly cargo has almost doubled with about 10% of the flown cargo volume (). About 80% of the cargo volume is transported by freighter () and only about 10% by cargo-only passenger flights ().

In comparison to the freight movement-related "Corona peak week" in week 20, the number of cargo-only passenger movements has almost halved. The same applies to the slightly more than 20 airlines still operating these flights (). The number of freighter-only flight movements has remained at about the same level over the past few weeks, at around 450 movements (). There are no signs of a significant reduction in the number of cargo charter movements that have been added since the Corona crisis ().

Classification of the current situation by the cargo stakeholders interviewed

For the first time, the response distribution regarding the current cargo volume is almost identical for both import and export. The majority of stakeholders interviewed rated the situation as "as expected" (). About 20% estimate that the volume is higher or lower than expected. Both in import and export, feedback on capacity availability shows a balanced relationship between supply and demand in over 80% of respondents ().

The statements on export and import are also almost identical with regard to the future cargo volume development. More than 70% of the respondents rate the development as "constant" (). The remainder is divided roughly equally between the categories "above expectations" and "less than expected".

The proportion of "medical" protective equipment continues to fall (). Overall, however, a transition to normality is also discernible here. Much less conspicuous developments in individual product groups were mentioned.

The trend of decreasing dissatisfaction with the handling performance () has continued in all dimensions. None of the interviewees was dissatisfied with any of the performance categories surveyed!

Important topics for the cargo stakeholders interviewed, current & future

For the first time, no particular operational challenges in current operations were mentioned. The cargo community in FRA is most concerned about the future development of cargo volumes against the background of the uncertain overall economic development.


Note on own account:

Due to the positive feedback we have decided to continue the Cargo Climate Index. However, in view of the declining momentum of the situation, we will switch to a monthly reporting rhythm for the time being.

Issued by: FRA Cargo Team as of: June 17th 2020
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