close communication was possible to ensure a relatively smooth handling of the freight volume

In a joint telephone conversation on the 8 May, representatives of the air cargo community exchanged views and ideas on the situation currently impacting Frankfurt Airport.

The volume of imports in Frankfurt continues to be particularly high. In addition to this change in the freight structure, including the doubling of the number of loose packages, continues to exist.

This increase in volume inevitably results in a significant increase in manual workload for all of the cargo handling companies. The Covid working restrictions, such as the observance of minimum distances, make the manual handling process more challenging. To support the permanent full time staff for all Cargo Handlers, Contingency measures are in place and agreements with third party service providers have been signed; here too, the partner companies support each other to the best of their ability.

The large amount of imported relief goods, has continued this week and while the collection import freight has been steady, further support in this area is required. Timely collection is crucial to keep the handling areas available for further incoming import freight.

The handling companies are continuing to appeal to the freight community, and in particular to the other importers, to maintain collections over the weekend.

On peak days the warehouses almost reached their capacity in terms of space and resources. Thanks to the cooperative collaboration of the parties involved, Including close communication, it was possible to ensure a relatively smooth handling of the freight volume at the Frankfurt Airport.

The Frankfurt Airport Cargo Community continues to handle many additional charter services for new partners, who often have no experience in the air cargo business. This means that advance registration of flights and a consistent exchange of data, required for a smooth handling process, are missing.

Following recommendations made by the freight forwarders, FCS has implemented a new queueing system for Drivers including a pre-Registration process to minimize the waiting time currently being experienced. In addition a Coordinator is in place to support new or unknown customers to navigate this process.

Alternative parking spaces for trucks have been made available by the airport operator and will be opened as the need arises

The other cargo handlers in CargoCity South are also closely monitoring the situation at their own facilities and will implement their own Contingency measures as necessary.

In an attempt to improve the infrastructure support for drivers the following changes have been initiated, this includes but is not limited to; The canteen in CargoCity South is now open between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday Extending the current lunchtime operating hours. This also means that additional sanitary facilities are now available.