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The Air Cargo Community Frankfurt presents itself for the first time at the transport logistic fair in Munich.

On 5 May 2015, the presentation started with an international press conference attended by more than a dozen journalists. Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht (Chairman of the Executive Board of Air Cargo Community Frankfurt), Joachim von Winning (Executive Director), Andreas Heil and Michael Hoppe (both board members) as well as Christoph Schneider (member) were providing detailed information on the community’s first tangible successes, ongoing projects and initiatives – always with the objective of strengthening and further expanding Frankfurt’s position as Europe’s air cargo hub number 1. Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht emphasized: “With our activities, we are making an important contribution to ensuring that Frankfurt gains additional market share in the freight business and, at the same time, that the added value continues to increase.”

The high degree of commitment of the 27 association members is crucial to the success of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt. About 60 representatives of the member companies already actively participate in the three competence teams. The communication between all parties involved ensures a high level of transparency in all fields – the definition of common goals, processes, developments and implementations of projects.

“Transparency is the key to success”, emphasized Joachim von Winning to the media representatives. “It ensures high quality as it helps to make processes comprehensible. Furthermore, it guarantees that projects and developments take place in the interest of all parties. Last but not least, transparency forms the basis for mutual trust towards the business partners.”

One day after the press conference, a big industry reception “Lunch & Chat” was held by the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt at the booth of Hessen Trade & Invest. It attracted more than 50 well-known representatives from all areas of airfreight. Board members, executives and members used the event for networking, but also to provide comprehensive information about the current work of the Association.

“We are delighted with the excellent response to this event”, concluded Joachim von Winning after the event. “It is further evidence that the community has already fully established itself in the industry as a competent partner within the field of air cargo at Frankfurt Airport. We are very confident that we will very soon be able to set important accents with our activities and that our projects will be successfully implemented”.